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Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board is well equipped to continue to discharge its responsibilities and to canvass future candidates for the position of Director, to ensure that the Company continues to be governed by suitably qualified people. Thus, the Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board has the appropriate structure, competencies, experience, skills and independence of oversight to ensure effective functioning. The Committee recommends and reviews nominees for the appointments of new Director to the Board, and ensure there is due process used in selecting candidates.

The current members of the Nomination Committee are:

•  Giles Clarke (Chairman)
•  John Wardle
•  Chris Jenkins
•  Alex Snow

The Nomination Committee Terms of Reference can be found here (PDF).

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for determining and reviewing compensation arrangements for the Directors and the executive management. The Committee ensures that the remuneration practices of the Company move towards best practice and are linked with the interests of shareholders.

The members of the Remuneration Committee are:

•  Chris Jenkins
•  Alex Snow
•  Elodie Grant Goodey
•  tbc

The Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference can be found here (PDF).

Audit Committee

The key responsibilities of the Audit Committee are to:
•  Monitor the integrity of the annual and interim financial statements, including focus on significant judgements and estimates used in the accounts;
•  Review the effectiveness of financial and related internal controls and associated risk management (the full Board being responsible for oversight of strategic and operational risks); and
•  Oversee the relationship with our external auditors, including: reviewing their plans and audit findings; ensuring their continuing independence; and appraising the effectiveness of their work prior to considering their reappointment.

The members of the Audit Committee, all of whom are independent Non-executive directors, are:

•  Chris Jenkins (Chairman)
•  Alex Snow

The Audit Committee Terms of Reference can be found here (PDF).

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