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The Company holds 100% in four blocks (one E&P and three Prospecting permits) in Paraguay, extending over 5.8mm hectares. The blocks offer significant potential with two of the basins shared with adjoining petroleum producing regions.

Amerisur has more than 4,663km of 2D seismic including approximately 1,800km of 1971 vintage Texaco data, 817km of more recent Phillips Petroleum data and 2,046km of data acquired by Shell between 1979 and 1981.


San Pedro Permit

This Exploration and Production (E&P) permit covers approximately 800,000 hectares in the north west of the Paraná basin. Approximately 1,000km of 2D seismic data has been reprocessed in Bogotá, and has been re-interpreted both in house in Bogotá and by a geophysical consultancy in Perth, Australia.

Latest Developments

• Jaguerete-1 was drilled in April 2016 and initial analysis indicates the presence of oil saturations within low porosity sandstones of the Lima and Santa Elena formations.

• A technical programme has commenced to study the results of the well in order to determine whether the poor reservoir quality observed is likely to be a regional characteristic or more locally associated with the basement uplift observed in drilling. Additionally, cuttings samples will be analysed both for physical characteristics and an assessment of the oil quality present.


Western Blocks (Las Palmas/Coronillo and Espartillar)

The Company holds 3 prospective licenses covering an area of approximately 5.2MM hectares in the Pirity/Pilar basin complex.

Piriti/Pilar Complex basin appears to be extension of the Lomas de Olmedo sub-basin of Argentina.

Analysis of existing data, in concert with the gravity information acquired by the Company, indicates that these blocks are located along the southern edge of the subsided basin, in the area where tilted fault blocks may be expected to exist, with the potential for significant oil accumulations.

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