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Managing sustainability

Having been present in the Putumayo basin for eleven years, Amerisur is one of the largest investors in the region and is committed to delivering sustainable long-term growth in a safe and responsible manner and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Amerisur has a strong understanding of the region and constantly strives to strengthen and improve its sustainability practices while mitigating risk and the impact of its operations on the community and environment.

Our key areas of focus


Amerisur works with a number of local villages to deliver long term benefits.

Our people

Integral to Amerisur’s success is its people and the recruitment and management of in-country talent is one of its main priorities.


Protecting the environment is core to Amerisur’s approach to its operations and commitment to being a sustainable business.

Ethical standards

Amerisur aims to operate responsibly in its everyday business activities and expects its employees to adhere to high ethical standards.


Building and maintaining good relationships with the communities where it operates is not only an important part of Amerisur’s strategy and its commitment to being an ethical business but also ensures the Company is able to create value for all of its stakeholders.

Amerisur works with a number of local villages in the Putumayo to deliver long term benefits and has developed initiatives which provide locals with the opportunity to participate in agricultural projects which in turn provide them with a secure and sustainable income stream. Currently Amerisur supports 454 families in the Platanillo block across the following villages; Alea, Bajo Mansoya, Peneya, Sevilla, La Rosa, Sinai II – Badio, Camelias, Monteverde and Kanakas.

In addition to its work supporting community leaders with their local economic development programmes spanning agricultural, education and infrastructure projects, in the last few years the Company has focused its social initiatives on projects which support the country’s transition to peace and has taken a key role in delivering a wide range of community projects to aid this process.

Sustiticion de Cultivos Ilicitos – illegal crop substitution programme

The Government’s ‘illegal crop substitution programme’ compensates farmers for the eradication of their coca crop. Amerisur has been assisting the Government with this process, providing local farmers in seven villages in the Putumayo region with pepper plants and farming skills such that they can swiftly make the transition to a more socially desirable and profitable crop. Black Pepper is a high demand crop in Colombia and provides a steady income. Alongside this Amerisur has promoted and contributed to two associations, “Asopimenteros” and “Asocamelias” that focus on the production of black pepper.

Santa Isabel School

Amerisur is committed to supporting local communities through sustainable projects aimed at improving education and their overall standard of living. During 2017 Amerisur continued to focus on improving access to and promoting further education through the construction of two classrooms for grades 10 and 11, two laboratories and two sets of toilet facilities for the students of Santa Isabel School.

This project will improve the students’ educational prospects and help create the country’s next generation of high school graduates.

The construction of the new facilities have been undertaken by local villagers thus creating more job opportunities.

Chevening scholarship scheme

Amerisur co-funded the Chevening scheme providing approximately 20 annual Chevening scholarships to Colombian students and four Paraguayan applicants.

Through the scholarship, Amerisur supports talented Colombian and Paraguayan professionals, helping them gain international experience through postgraduate study at a UK university for one year. The professionals subsequently return to Colombia and Paraguay to apply their newly gained knowledge and support their countries’ economic development.

In Colombia, scholarships have been awarded in the following subjects: politics and Government, economics, commerce, natural resources, climate change, sustainability, infrastructure and transport, and defence and security.

In Paraguay, scholarships have been awarded in the following subjects: public policy management, petroleum and gas, geosciences, engineering, economics, finance or international relations.

Chevening is the UK Government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders since 1983. Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (“FCO”) and partner organisations, Chevening offers two types of award – Chevening scholarships and Chevening fellowships – the recipients of which are personally selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world.

"This experience has been life-changing."
- Jose Ricardo Puyana, Chevening Scholar 2015-2016

"My gratitude with Amerisur Resources is immense as you helped me to fulfil this important step in my career, the base for an exciting future."
- Veronica Uribe, Chevening Scholar 2015-2016

Our people

Amerisur understands that integral to the Company’s success is its people and the recruitment and management of in-country talent is one of its main priorities.

Over 90% of Amerisur’s workforce are based in South America. During 2017 Amerisur continued to provide employment opportunities across a range of operational and administrative job roles and applied Colombian legislation in compliance with the decree 1668 of 2016, prioritizing the hiring of local labour, exceeding the required percentage (30%).

Amerisur is committed to providing equal opportunities and the right working environment which allows its employees to develop and has in place a suite of policies addressing: ethical conduct, human rights, employment, health & safety and diversity.


Amerisur is committed to limiting its environmental impact in the areas where the Company operates and has a formal environmental policy and framework in place to protect the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems. The Company aims to comply with all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements and industry best practice and has been awarded the following certificates through Bureau Veritas International since 2012:

•  OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
•  ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management (valid until October 2018) and
•  ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management

The Company communicates its environmental policy to all employees and agents and there is a yearly review in order to check compliance and processes are regularly reviewed by external parties.

One of Amerisur’s main objectives is to execute its operations with environmental responsibility, involving the different teams from the planning stage, obtaining licences and permits, implementing the best industry standards and monitoring and control of the different day to day activities, to ensure we continue to operate incident free.

Amerisur’s environmental management system seeks an interaction between the fulfilment of legal obligations by the Company and the management of environmental permits for the execution of its different activities. Management seeks to comply with the provisions of the Colombian regulatory framework and best practices established for the development of hydrocarbon production activities, using as leverage its business philosophy and strategic planning through the implementation of policies, plans and programmes.

During 2017, Amerisur maintained its overall positive environmental performance and continued to focus on the efficient use of water, energy, paper, liquid and solid waste management, prevention and control of oil spills and flora and fauna care.

Biodiversity and Development in Putumayo initiative

In June 2017 Amerisur ratified its commitment to working in, and the natural conservation of, the Putumayo region with the signing of the Biodiversity and Development in Putumayo initiative, working alongside the Corporation for Sustainable Development of the South of the Amazon (Corpoamazonia); National Natural Parks of Colombia (PNNC), Alexander Von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute and Sinchi Amazonic Institute of Scientific Research.

The Initiative is focused on the Andes-Amazon connectivity and the promotion of development schemes for scientific tourism and/or nature, avifauna knowledge management, the conservation and promotion of green businesses, training of community promoters in observation and conservation of birds; participatory inventories and the design and implementation of restoration and participatory recovery schemes.

In addition, Amerisur participated in a number of roundtable discussions with regional groups on Putumayo’s biodiversity, following-up on local community concerns and activities for the fulfilment of forest compensation obligations and investment.


Amerisur aims to operate responsibly in its everyday business activities and expects its employees to adhere to high ethical standards. The Company puts importance on safety, integrity and transparency, and treats its employees with respect and fairness.

Detailed information on the policies we have in place can be found from page 41 of the Corporate Governance Report in the 2017 Annual Report and here, which include:
•  Ethical Conduct Statement
•  Conflicts of Interest Policy
•  Human Rights Policy
•  Modern Slavery Statement
•  Health and Safety Statement
•  Employee Compensation Statement
•  Employment of Disabled Persons Policy
•  Diversity Statement and
•  Quality Statement

SGE 21:2008 Ethical and Socially Responsible Management System

Amerisur has been awarded the certification in the international standard SGE 21:2008 Ethical and Socially Responsible Management System by the certifying entity, SGS – Colombia.

SGE21 is the first European standard establishing specific requirements companies must meet to demonstrate an ethical and socially responsible management system with a focus on transparency, integrity and sustainability of social management across operations.

Amerisur is one of the only oil and gas companies in Colombia with this certification.

Mocoa mudslide

During the early hours of 1 April 2017, a devastating mudslide occurred in the city of Mocoa, Putumayo. In the aftermath, Amerisur was involved in the response activities led by the Colombian Authorities, providing aid, specialist equipment, fuel, fresh water in bulk and logistical support as well as providing electricity to the hospitals and shelters.

Amerisur also provided the use of helicopters to help the military force move those who had been injured.
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